Success Stories

We LOVE sharing & celebrating the amazing success that past participants have experienced during and after class, like these beautiful examples shared by wonder women who were part of our last session…

Janette Stuart

Angelic Practitioner, Angel Angles

The Co-Creation Master Class helped me bravely step forth more fully into the light and into the world.  With love and encouragement from Liv and Laurel and the beautiful souls in the class, I’ve grown my Facebook page to over 12,000 followers, offered angel card readings and so much more. One of the best parts is the beautiful community which had been created. I can share my hopes, dreams and flops in a safe, loving and encouraging environment which makes me move forward with a beautiful, bravery.

Stephanie Ignazio

Artist, Hello Beautiful Soul

When I signed up for The Co-Creation Master Class I had no idea what I was here to do. The only thing I did know was that I needed a tribe. I was feeling alone and had been praying for a group of “like-minded individuals who shared my passion for making the world a better place.” What I found was exactly that. Each and every interaction was like receiving a warm hug. Liv and Laurel made everything seem fluid and truly made me feel like I could do anything as long as I was willing to be open.

I learned to be patient and to trust. I began to slowly realize that I had SO many ideas and I was the only one standing in my way! When I finally realized that in order to receive you have to truly surrender your ego…that’s when magic started happening.

I began to draw and doodle again…because it was something that truly brought me joy. Throughout the class you are encouraged to connect with your angels thru mediation and quiet journaling. This is where my daily practice truly opened my eyes. It was in that quiet time that I began to listen to what my angel team was saying. I was here to make a difference…but my way of making a difference wasn’t was thru my art. And it wasn’t the art that I had been trying to force myself to do…it was the art that made me come alive as a child…my cartoons. Each day I would meditate. Then I would draw and doodle based on what I had heard in my meditation. I had to take those angel messages and make them simple and not so serious. Because this process came from my heart…as a result I have created a business that brings me nothing but joy.

The support I received and continue to receive from my Co-Creation tribe has helped me to build my confidence and be brave enough to share this with the world. They are the first people that I turn to because I know that they understand how I am feeling. With the support and the skills that you learn in The Co-Creation Master Class you will feel like you can truly be you…and those who “need” your services will find you because that’s how the Universe works! I am so very grateful to Liv and Laurel for providing such an amazing offering.

Kimberly Flatland

Founder, Love Your SoulSelf

While participating in The Co-Creation Master Class, the community of loving souls supporting each other through the flow and the in-between moments in life brought forth an idea I had been dreaming of for over six years. I was able to create a deck of cards to allow others to stay inspired on daily basis. The Love Your SoulSelf card deck combines affirming words and inspiring actions, leaving you uplifted and guided.

All of the energy and support in this class assisted me in stepping further into what I love. Liv and Laurel infuse the divine in the ordinary, allowing transformation to appear in the most amazing ways!

Kim Flatland

More stunning results from Master Class alumni… 

One participant launched her very first ecourse - and had 62 students sign up within days of announcing it!

Another participant was stunned when a perfectly-orchestrated opportunity appeared, allowing her to launch the coaching career she’d dreamed of for seven years.

All the right players and resources came together for another participant to finally launch the innovative product line she’d been imagining for ages.

And soooo many women have shared how awestruck they’ve been by clear signs and divine intervention as they’ve stepped into the art of co-creation!

How about you - are you ready to create magic with us?