Anything is possible when you master the art of co-creation


do what you love, make what you want,

feel deeply fulfilled and divinely supported,

and still have time & energy to live life to the fullest?

Laurel and Liv both left successful corporate careers to tap into their true callings and create lives they love.

Now, they’ve joined forces to help you do the same.

What is co-creation + how can it change your life?

Co-creation is a deeply intentional and very real collaboration with your dreams, your gifts and the breathtaking force of the universe. The in-depth process we teach works like magic for people who are ready – really ready – to accelerate their unique work in the world.

Year after year in our inspirational businesses, we’ve grown our revenues, attracted the perfect partners, expanded our audiences and, most importantly, achieved the deep sense of personal fulfillment and joyful purpose we’d once craved. Today, we love helping women like you experience the same kind of magic as you step deeper into your life’s work.

Past Co-Creation Master Class students have experienced amazing and rapid results, from launching new endeavors to gaining huge followings to healing past blocks around abundance and self-worth. Click here to read some of their stories. 

Your dreams are waiting to come true.

Learn how to clarify your desires, focus your intentions, manifest abundance and clear the way for your heartfelt dreams to become reality.

This six-week intention intensive includes…

Bi-weekly, LIVE mentorship calls with Laurel and Liv, featuring spellbinding stories and strategies to fuel inspired action. Live calls will take place every other Monday at 8am PT (on 4/25, 5/9 and 5/23). Recordings will be available if you can’t attend live.

Recorded audio content to keep you inspired on weeks between the live calls.

An online resource portal with a gorgeous, printable workbook to inspire and track your co-creation process, and sacred support materials including guided meditations and channeled guidance from Laurel and Liv.

A safe, like-minded online community with whom you’ll experience the stunning impact of personal support, group intentions and miraculous manifestation.

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The Co-Creation Master Class is right for you if….

You need a proven method and serious inspiration to make this the year your unique and joy-filled work will truly take off.

You believe the universe is conspiring in your favor, but still get tripped up by slow growth and nagging doubts.

You’re excited to focus your energy on a specific business venture or inspired project that’s ready to see the light of day.

You’d love a community of compassionate co-creators to keep you accountable as your visions build momentum.

We begin April 18th.

Are you ready to create  magic?

Co-Creation Master Class

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